Beyond The Valley Outfits

Hey hey french fries and happy 2018!

Hope you all ate lots, drank lots and partied lots 😉

I spent my new years eve camping at Beyond The Valley for three days. For those who don’t know, BTV is a music festival in Australia that has been running for 4 years now.

I had two outfits properly planned out for the second and third day and just brought some random clothes to choose from for day one. Safe to say I don’t think any of us were too prepared for the weather conditions.


Started off somewhat sunny and after we set up our camp I was way too lazy to dress up, so i wore my casual denim shorts, a loose tie top, combat boots and some blue sunnies.


Compared to that morning, the weather took a massive turn in the evening. Started pouring rain and was pretty cold. I threw on some black velvet flares from Pretty Little Thing and a glittery silver mesh tie top from Glassons with the same boots and red lippie. I also brought a rainbow umbrella with me luckily ’cause the weather was gross. By the end of the night, my flares became ten times heavier from the mud and my poor boots were starting to fall apart.




A crazy windy and cold day with the occasional sunshine peaking through the clouds. This was the day our home started to crumble. Our marquee blew away and broke and one of our chairs snapped too.

I went all out with my outfit since I had pre-planned it. Luckily I brought a long sleeve top with me though cause I was originally going to wear a bikini top. I wore a velvet rainbow wrap top with flared sleeves from Dolls Kill, a ying yang print wrap skirt from Princess Polly, fishnet tights, kaleidoscopic/mirror glasses and my Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick.




Third day for NYE, the theme was pink. It was also the warmest and sunniest day we had. For my third and last outfit, I wore a pink velvet sporty looking bikini top from ZAFUL, a pink belly dancing skirt with booty shorts underneath, fishnet tights, a black starry mesh kimono from Dolls Kill and a pink feather boa.



My outfits were all very DIY. I had most of these items in my closet already and all I really bought was a body chain from Lovisa which I wore every day and glitter (of course).

Accessories, glitter and makeup honestly make the outfit. They add heaps of colour and detail to an outfit even if what you’re wearing is super basic.


Talk soon xx


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