Groovy Gallery | October

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Welcome to the Groovy Gallery, a series where I’ll share my most recent and favourite artists and exhibitions that I have found through the internet or visited in person. Warmer days makes me want to adventure out of my bed and visit cool places. I love going to galleries and art installation exhibitions are by far my favourite.

But in case you’re too lazy (like me most days) to go out and visit galleries in person, I suggest you take up deep diving on Instagram. One of my favourite hobbies (and I’m sure many of you can relate), especially looking for fashion inpso and cool artists.


  1. RMIT Gallery –¬†Experimenta Make Sense: International Triennial of Media Art

    I only included photos from one of the many cool installations in this exhibit. They were all quite interactive, would definitely go back again. FYI, it’s also free entry.


  2. @designdain

    Dain Yoon describes herself as a “visual illusion artist”. If you pay close attention to her photos, you can see they’re not edited, they’re all painted on her body.


  3. NGV – Dior Exhibition

    This exhibition has been around for a while now and I’m sure many of you have already visited. The longest wait ever just to buy tickets, then again, I went on a Sunday. Honestly, I didn’t have very high expectations going into it. I thought it would have a very limited display of designs, however I was pleasantly surprised. You can’t really appreciate the skill behind the details just from photos, you need to go see it in person to know what I mean.


  4. @mariussperlich

    A German artist, also found through Instagram through Plastik Magazine.



Please leave any artist’s Instagram links below or exhibition recommendations! Would love to check them out.

Chat soon chicos xx


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