A Lotta Moosic

Allo allo allo!

So I have A LOT of music to share today! For a while I was just listening to my #tb stuff on my iPod, but recently all this awesome music has been popping into my life and I thought it was time for a new little playlist.


  1. Memento – The New Division
  2. DIY – Keep Shelly In Athens
  3. I Kiss Your Lips – Tokyo Ghetto Pussy
  4. Late – Teen Daze
  5. Raccoon City (Feat. Veela) – Aether & Sizzlebird
  6. Fast Challenges – Chad Valley
  7. The Coast (Feat. JVZEL) – Coolwater & RAC
  8. Los Angeles – Kodak To Graph
  9. D’Vocean – Eastghost
  10. Crywolf – St. Patrick
  11. Would You Ever – Skrillex & Poo Bear

Now I also have a mix that I heard when I was at training last week. It’s by Joris Voorn, a Dutch DJ and it was played at a club in Brooklyn. One of my favourite things to listen to right now while working out.

And last, but certainly not least, I also have an album to share with you. It’s called Unknown Place by Marsbeing. Marsbeing is usually elctronic/dance vibes, however this album is a little more on the chill side and I feel like aliens would like to listen to this too.


Okay, that’s all for now xx


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