September Wishlist ’17

Hey there french fries 🙂

How you doinggg?

I’m well, thanks for asking.

No, really though. The weather has been lovely today and I’m loving the warmer vibes in Melbourne recently – not the crazy showers though.

Only a month left for my course and I’m reaching that point yet again where I need to find some kind of job to preoccupy myself over summer. Over the last few weeks I have been getting numerous rejection emails and the only interviews I’ve gotten are group interviews with 30 other people that run for 3 hours – kill me.



  1. Kelly Pant – I.AM.GIA

    When I first saw these pants, I thought they were just polka dots on black flares and scrolled passed. Then I saw them again on another site and noticed that they’re actually velvet flares with small silver studs and look super cool in different lighting! Of course I love the fact that they’re high-rise as well, would be very flattering.

  2. Clear Kurt Cobain Sunglasses – Dolls Kill

    I love sunglasses and honestly, I wear them more as an accessory on my head than to actually protect my eyes. The thick frame is quite in at the moment and I really like the clear frame as opposed to a solid colour.

  3. Beaton Slide Sandal – Jeffrey Campbell

    I want fluffy everything. These slides are super cute with a very small heel, making them an easy option for footwear. They also come in a mint green colour and black. Would love to add these cuties to my shoe collection for the coming Summer!

  4. Selena Dress – I.AM.GIA

    As soon as I saw this dress on Princess Polly, I fell in love. I think it would be perfect for festivals or even over a bathing suit. How magical would this look in the sun?

  5. Ballin’ Chain Earrings – Dolls Kill

    I go through phases with jewellery and recently I’ve gotten more into dangly earrings. Even though I like your standard hoops, I always prefer to find quirky options.

  6. Muerte Long Sleeve Top – NO WH3R3

    I just really like the artwork on this and since Melbourne weather is always changing, I know I’d still get to wear this through Spring (and unfortunately in Summer too).

  7. Chromashock Rainbow Hoop Earrings – Dolls Kill

    A quirky spin on your usual hoop earrings – they’re rainbow, nothing more to say.


Enjoy your week xx


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