Sita Abellán | Model Crush

Hey there french fries!

Super short post today…In the middle of class actually and sort of zoning out. Not even sure what’s going on anymore, everyone’s gone off at a tangent. Luckily I have my large coffee from Streat keeping my company and my laptop.

I’ve literally just been taking selfies on the laptop webcam and stalking people on Instagram. To be honest, I have probably even stalked your brother’s, friend’s, cousin’s, cat’s page too.

But mainly I’ve just been scrolling through Sita Abellan’s Instagram. In fact, I have scrolled back at least 4 years worth of posts, before her iconic blue hair.


Her page is so entertaining. Never a dull or empty photo; always filled with colours and quirky fashion, hair, makeup and backgrounds. She’s like a cartoon character. I just realised recently that she’s also from southern Spain and has a super cute accent <3. She actually describes herself as a techno princess (wonder why…) and she’s a DJ too.


In all honesty, this post is mainly me sharing photos of her. Even choosing the photos was hard though because I pretty much love her whole feed, so I might as well just link you to her actual Instagram page as well (@sitabellan).


Anyway, I am back home now just finishing up this post. Let me know if there’s anyone else I should stalk next time I’m bored in class. Otherwise, happy stalking and we’ll talk again soooon.




  1. Diana Free
    May 25, 2017 / 3:57 pm

    She seems like loads of fun. Very stylish and inspirational. I was going to follow her instagram, but then realized I already was.

    • groovyelena
      May 28, 2017 / 9:53 am

      haha ikr!! love her so much

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