WestEnd Art Space | Grand Opening

Saturday 1st of April, the day of the WestEnd Art Space grand opening.

A little tricky to locate because of all the construction going on around at the moment, but that’s part of what makes it cute and secretive.

The WestEnd Art Space is located in West Melbourne, in what will be the WestEnd community; with apartments and shops which are under construction. The gallery is located on the ground floor, however there is also a display area for the apartments which you can check out up stairs.


‘Commencement – Gloss over Rawness’ is the first exhibit for this contemporary gallery, featuring different Melbournian artists. The space caters for a range of different art pieces, including paintings and sculptures; some of which were displayed outdoors.


The gallery space was divided into little sections which featured a combination of wall art and sculptures that complemented each other. However, there was also a large, centre space which mainly featured sculptures and overlooked the outdoor sculpture area.

The colour palette for the exhibition as a whole was not limited in any way. However, each individual section did appear to have a subtle theme based around the colours. While one area displayed pieces with a pale colour palette, another area had a brighter colour selection.


Throughout the event, I found myself gravitating towards the back, left-hand space because I really enjoyed the bright pieces. More specifically, the three paintings by Nanou Dupuis (IMG-4097, IMG-3995 and IMG-4107). Nanou Dupuis is a Belgian artist based in Melbourne whose work is influenced by street art and Asian culture. Her abstract pieces on display incorporate mixed mediums such as acrylic, spray paint and ink with thick and expressive brush strokes. These techniques and tools give them more dimension and movement.


Overall the gallery incorporated many different styles and pieces, however they were all arranged in a way where they fit nicely in their section.

I personally really enjoyed the use of outdoor space to display the sculptures. It gave a different perspective on the sculptures which you don’t see in most other gallery spaces.

This exhibition will be on display until the 2nd of May, 2017.

Exhibiting artists: Dr Terri Brooks, Jackie Ralph, Ryan McGennisken, Cliff Burtt, Nanou Dupuis, Claire Lefebvre, Pimpisa Tinpalit, Sanja Pahoki, Cezary Stulgis, Glen Jackson, Helen Braun.

Curated by: Anna Prifti.

Address:  185 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne, VIC 3003


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