New Music Makes Me Happy

Hey there!

A bit of a spontaneous post. It’s 11pm and I was actually getting ready to hop in bed and watch something. But I’m actually feeling a bit excited at the moment because I have been looking for new music to listen to and I’ve found some tracks that I really like.

I don’t know what it is about discovering new music, but it just makes me so excited and happy. I actually haven’t listened to many new songs lately and I’ve only had about 3 new additions to my recently added in about a month. I feel like finding new music that you really enjoy is like a bit of an achievement. There’s so much music out there, so much potential, but you never know what is going to click with you.

I’m not usually one to listen to the radio. However, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my car recently (mostly stuck in traffic) and since I haven’t had new music on my iPod, I’ve been tuning into Triple J (107.5). Even though Triple J has those times of the day where they play some of the most popular songs, they actually have a big variety of genres that they play from, not just mainstream music. So I’ve gotten a bit of inspiration from them and I’ve been using Spotify to find other similar tracks and artists.

So I’ve made a little playlist, most of which is indie electronic. Like my last playlist, I’m going to link all the YouTube videos.


  1. Calypso Beach – Northeast Party House
  2. Canyons – Clubfeet
  3. Ice (Feat. Kylan Road) – Pablo Nouvelle
  4. Closer (Feat. Jennie A.) – Lemaitre
  5. Tearing Me Up – Bob Moses
  6. Pork Soda – Glass Animals
  7. Kings of Summer (feat. Quinn XCII) –¬†ayokay
  8. Bird Song (Diplo Remix) – M.I.A.
  9. The Other Side of Paradise –¬†Glass Animals
  10. Berlin – Sam Setton
  11. Anachronism – Crywolf


Til next timeeee xx


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