How To Style Tailored Trousers

Hey there french fries!

Another week and February is just around the corner.

Today I come to you with an outfit post; and an outfit that is slightly different to my usual. Pretty much the only type of pants I ever wear are high-rise skinny jeans…or leggings, if they count. I was getting a little bored of wearing the same bottoms all the time, so I decided to look online for some wider-leg pants, but couldn’t find anything.

On Boxing day, I went into Zara and came across these tailored pants. As soon as I saw them, I felt compelled to try them on but hesitated because I didn’t know if I would ever wear them. With a little persuasion from my sister, I put them on and they fit like a glove.



They are high-rise and the material has a bit of stretch, so they easily fit both my waist and butt well. Another thing that I loved about them was that they had REAL pockets; not those deceiving ones that most women’s pants have.

These tailored trousers also have a more casual vibe. Even though they are fitted nicely and can look a little more dressy than jeans, the red stripes down the side give them a sporty look which can instantly make them more wearable for any occasion (especially for someone like me who is not used to wearing anything other than jeans).

Whenever I wear these pants, I like to pair them with either a black singlet or crop and a pair of booties with a bit of a heel. The heel helps elongate your legs, especially when it’s covered by pants. These pants were already a bit long even with heels, so I did need to get them taken up a bit.

Even though we’re in summer now, I could easily transition these trousers into my winter wardrobe by wearing a black or dark grey, long sleeved top with them.


Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and I’ll be back again soon 🙂

Bye bye xx


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