Double Black Outfit

Hey there french fries!

Happy Monday 🙂 Currently sitting and sipping on my ‘morning’ coffee at 2pm because I only got up 2 hours ago…

I’m only just realising that the end of January is upon us, which means back to uni/work etc.

Until now, I have been complaining that I have nothing to do over summer break, but now that I know I have things to do, I’m like: Nooooo. Never satisfied, are we?

Nonetheless, I am quite looking forward to going back to RMIT (although I’m worrying about my timetable). It feels so weird that I won’t be going back to Melbourne uni though…


I have a confession to make. I, Elena, am an outfit repeater. I wore the same outfit twice in one weekend. #ohno

This is my go to black dress for summer which I got from Princess Polly. It’s made from this silky material and it’s flowy, so it’s really nice for hot weather. Plus, I love the fact that it wraps around and cinches in at the waist (totally adjustable).

I decided to pair the dress with my thigh high boots from ASOS because you never know if the weather will turn in Melbourne and it’s an easy way to cover your legs. We were walking and dancing the whole night and my feet didn’t hurt at all thanks to the comfortable heel height.

In general, when I want to wear a full black outfit, I like to mix up the textures. Since the black dress was a silky material, it didn’t clash with the faux suede, black boots.

To add just a little colour to my outfit, I wore a hot pink lipstick from Sephora and a little beaded purse I bought from a boutique in Santorini a couple years ago.

*All items that I could find are linked in the text*


Until next time xx


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