Inspo Collection 3


Hope you all had a lovely time over the festive days and a strong start to 2017.

To kick off the year, I decided to write up a little post about the things that I have enjoyed and have inspired me towards the end of 2016. So if you’re looking for something to do over the break, keep reading 🙂


  1. Sawyer Hartman – A YouTube vlogger/filmmaker. I’ve been following his content for many years now. He’s currently working on daily vlogs (including his trips to different places around the world) and all his videos have awesome editing for daily vlogs. Not to mention his great taste in music. Highly recommend you check him out!
  2. Duolingo  – So Duolingo is not a new discovery for me, but I go through phases with it. If you don’t know what it is, it’s an app you can download for free (I think you can use it on your computer too) which helps you learn different languages through small lessons on different topics. The thing I love about it though, is that it makes you revise some of the older lessons as you go through the course. Since I finished my Spanish course at uni and VCE German, I decided to revise what I learnt and learn new vocab using the app.
  3. Quirky Mugs – For some time now I’ve been wanting to find some cool mugs for my daily coffee/tea instead of using the white ones we have at home. I recently bought the one above from Missguided which I think is sooo cool. Also, for Christmas, my sister got me a really cool Darth Vader mug from Typo.
  4. Beach Weather – Melbourne has taken its time to warm up once again, but I’m super happy we’ve had some warm days to go to the beach and swim.
  5. That’s Sexploitation! – A documentary I discovered through Plastik Magazine. It discusses the old American adult film industry, starting from the 1920’s.
  6.  Jasper Jones – My latest read (only half way) by Craig Silvey. It’s a mystery novel set in Australia about a boy who finds himself getting tangled up in a murder case. There’s a lot of suspense, well developed characters and themes including power, bullying and prejudiced.
  7. VSCO D Series Filters – There’s two (relatively) new filters on VSCO which pretty much change the original colours into something else and make everything look really cool, bright and colourful.


Talk soon chicos xx


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