So, What Happens Now?

Hey guys!

Happy Friday ๐Ÿ˜€

…and congrats to everyone out there who’s just graduated recently!

My graduation was yesterday morning. Was such a tiring process overall; waking up at 6am and then sitting through a 2.5 hour ceremony and not being able to go toilet until your name has been called out. But, I managed to get up on stage and still enjoy my 10 seconds of attention despite desperately needing to pee.

Overall I had a wonderful day and I don’t regret going.ย ‘Cause even though I wasn’t too fond of my uni experience, I felt so satisfied after graduating and officially completing this part of my life. Plus, if you’ve ever been to Melbourne Uni, you’d know it kind of looks like Hogwarts and the graduation ceremony stuck to the same theme, which was pretty cool ;).

Before I started this degree at Melbourne, I had imagined going on to do Masters after Bachelor of Arts. Well, that thought went out the window after my first semester…

For now, I am really looking forward to continuing my course at RMIT. Will last until the end of next year, but since I’ve already completed some subjects, it won’t be as full on. In which case, I hope to have some part-time work and of course, continue writing my blog.

I feel like when we have more things going on, it’s easier to plan and try to prioritise things. Whereas, now that I’m on holidays, I’m finding it harder to get things done (such as blog posts) because I keep telling myself I have all the time in the worldย to get it done. Is anyone else like that..?


Dress: Cotton On
Shoes: Wittner

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend! And let me know if you’ve recently graduated too or perhaps starting new studies and what your future plans are at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

Till next week xx


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