How To Discover New Music You’ll Like

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So, ever since I got my first iPod, I became obsessed with making playlists and in general, finding new music that would complement each other. Actually, even before I got an iPod, I remember trying to make playlists by recording songs onto a cassette tape from the radio.

Back when I got my first iPod, LimeWire was still a thing and I would download anything and everything by an artist I liked (which probably came with a free virus now and then). After LimeWire was gone, I was quite devastated. But,

Many of you probably already know a lot of these, but for those of you who want some new music and don’t know where to look, keep on reading 🙂


  1. YouTube

    If there is a particular song I like, I always hop on YouTube, look it up and always select the the ‘Mix’ option that generally has 50+ videos in a playlist.

    eg. I searched ‘Alt-J – Taro’, and the third option down was this:


    Usually these playlists have a lot of other songs from the same artist, but as you scroll through there will be tracks from other artists with a similar style.


  2. iTunes

    iTunes was the first thing I always used to use before Spotify and I still find it very handy. On iTunes, go through to the iStore and search an artist, album or song you like. Then click on the album you want and if you scroll down, it’ll come up with the section ‘Listeners Also Bought’.

    You don’t need to open up a new page if you want to listen to something. You can just click the preview option.

  3. Spotify

    I think most of you probably use Spotify. I never really got into making playlists on it because I like to do that on my own iTunes. But I love using it to find new music to listen to and there’s a few different ways I like to do it.

    If you are a regular user of Spotify, or even if you just go on it for a little to check out some music you like, Spotify will pick up on it and make suggestions based on who you’ve been listening to. It will also recommend new releases. These can be found in the ‘Discover’ tab within the ‘Browse’ section.


    The other way I find different artists to listen to is by searching an artist I already like and clicking their profile. Once on their page, there is a little sidebar near the top where Spotify suggests related artists.


    Another thing you can do on Spotify is just look up other playlists people have made based on genres you like. If you’re into a specific genre, this would be very helpful.


Hope this was helpful in some way!

If you have any other ways you find new music, comment down below, I’d love to hear them 😀

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