The Hardest Blog Post I’ve Written

Writing this post is honestly so difficult for me right now. I’m working with two laptops that are both completely screwed. One is my Dell which I purchased about 3 years ago when I started uni and the other is my Sony VAIO, which I got back in year 7/8 and used until the start of uni.

My Dell screen has been acting up like crazy over the last few months; constantly glitching and just being a pain in the ass. I’ve had to squeeze the screen in order for it to work properly or wedge something in between the screen an keyboard to the point where my screen cracked. Soo, I decided to try resurrect my Sony. Didn’t really go as I expected though. I think it just lost the plot after so many years. It wouldn’t load anything for me because it thought it was 2009…?



So, I’ve recently gotten back into the TV show¬†Heroes. Does anyone remember that? I used to watch it on an actual TV when it first came out and ever since, I’ve just managed to watch up to a certain point and stop. I don’t know why… But I found the entire series on my old Sony laptop the other day and started watching from the third season, hoping that I actually finish it this time, ’cause I actually really like it.

I think I may keep this a short post as I’m actually really struggling to put all this together. But here are a few photos from yesterday where I went out with the family to see the Christmas decorations at Crown and just chill around the South Bank area.



Talk soooon chicos! xx



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