Styling My Tennis Skirt

Hey french fries <3

Interesting Melbourne weather today as usual. Starting the day at 38 degrees and half a day later, the rain and wind starts. So excited to have more consistent warm/hot weather. Already went to the beach last week and swam (but was kinda like swimming in ice cubes to be honest… #noregrets).

Results are slowly coming out for my Melbourne Uni assessments/exams and so far so good. I’m glad to say, taking on the second course at RMIT helped motivate me to do better at Melbourne as well. Just paid for my graduation ceremony as well. When I thought that Melbourne Uni couldn’t disappoint me anymore since I’ve finished, I found out that we don’t get to wear those ugly hats for our graduation. What kind of graduation is it if we don’t even get to throw up the hats like in movies, right?





I am in love with this skirt. Sadly I got this off my mum, otherwise I would’ve totally gotten it in more colours. I’m even considering bringing back my skirt from high-school ’cause it has a similar design.

Pretty glad I can start wearing these shoes again too. I have to make sure there’s no chance of rain ’cause I don’t know how I could clean these. If you’re interested, these shoes are from Lipstik (not sure if you can still find them). If you do find them online though, I’d recommend going up half a size because the front is a little tight; especially if you’re wearing them in summer, it would get a bit uncomfortable.

I also like pairing this skirt with my white New Balance sneakers too if I know I have a lot of walking to do.


Top: Target
Skirt: Hand-me-down
Shoes: Lipstik Shoes


Bye bye for now! Hope you have a wonderful week xx


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