A Little Throwback to First Year

Hey everyone 🙂

And hello examination period…

Today was my last day of classes at Melbourne Uni and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. This day has been long awaited and now that it’s here, I have mixed feelings; happiness, sadness, excitement and even a little bit of anxiety.

After my very first semester at Melbourne, I knew/felt like that wasn’t the place for me. Since then, I have been looking forward to today. However, now that it’s come and gone, it’s hard for me to come to terms with it because I’ve spent a big part of my time there these last 3 years. Also, because of my experience at Melbourne, I feel like I have grown a lot, learnt a lot about myself and gained a lot more confidence to go out and do things on my own.

Although Melbourne hasn’t been the best experience overall, I still took away a lot of good things from it. From first year I never fully clicked with people or made many friends. It was hard because I wasn’t used to having different people in all my classes. I still got along with people in my classes, but we never really went out of our way to talk outside of class. After that first semester, I decided to make a list of things to do around the city during my breaks and to just go out and do them by myself.

I loved going to galleries and finding laneways with street art on my own and I also really enjoyed going to little cafes with my books and studying. I felt very detached back then from the uni which made me dislike it even more. I know it was partly my fault, but looking back, I don’t regret my decisions.

I’m happy to say that I have made a few really good friends from uni now and my last year has been much better than the last two.

So, to kind of finish off my semester of classes, I visited the NGV by myself again during my break.



Good luck to everyone with exams and assessments!

Talk soooon x


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