Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Hey guys ­čÖé

Below are some of my favourite artists I have discovered through Instagram. I highly recommend checking them out.



Nick Thomm is an Australian artist from Melbourne who works in New York.

He’s a digital artist whose work is described as a psychedelic time warp. He uses mixed media to create his pieces. They are a fusion of the past, present and future and different cultural elements.

I have been following his progress for years and always excited to see what he comes up with next!




Eugenia Loli is a collage artist and illustrator originally from Greece and now based in California.

Her work is very much inspired by the 1950’s and outer space. She incorporates photos that she has scanned from vintage magazines and creates strange visual narratives which are also influenced by pop culture. Her collages are a mesh of modern and vintage.




Ted Emmons is a fashion photographer based in LA.

As you can tell from the photos I included, he likes to use vibrant colours in his work. His photo shoots always have a different concept behind them and different colour schemes. To date, he has shot with Kendall Jenner, Pheobe Tonkin and Estee Lauder just to name a few!




Johnny Smith is a collage artist/image manipulator (as he describes himself) from Texas but now also based in LA.

One of his biggest influences is Dali. He likes to take random images from the web and merge them to create surreal and trippy collages. A common theme he aims to achieved through his work is comedy.┬áSmith’s work is very often perverted, confusing and colourful.



Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a good stalking session of these Instagram pages.

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