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Hey there french fries <3

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and for those of you in Victoria, a long weekend!

Currently sitting in my RMIT class where only 3 of us have actually rocked up for the lesson. 2 assessments were submitted yesterday and now I feel like all motivation is lost and I just want to get back into bed. Luckily uni is coming to an end for this year in 3 weeks.

About a week or two ago I went for a job interview for a retail position. I wasn’t 100% sure if it was a single interview and when I arrived at the store, I noticed another 5 gorgeous girls waiting outside; and I realised it was a group interview.

I have been to a few other group interviews in the past, however they were always with at least another 30 people; this one was a lot more intimate.

As we started chatting and getting to know each other out the front, I started to feel a little intimidated. Some of these girls seemed a lot more chatty, out-there and much more familiar with the brand than me. Although I felt somewhat confident going there, I’d suddenly lost a lot of my confidence and excitement before the interview even started.

Throughout the interview I started to feel even more unconformable and I couldn’t ignore that voice in my head that kept telling me those other girls were better for the position than me.

Later that day, hours after the interview and after a lot of thinking about how I didn’t fit in at all, I got a call back to go in for a trial at the store. Funnily enough, I also found out that the girls I believed were better for the position than me were actually not as well suited for the location I had my trial at and that they would fit better in another location.

People always tell you not to compare yourself to others, but it’s a lot easier said than done. I don’t know if I’ll get the job or not, but after that experience, I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t discourage myself from doing something because I feel like someone else can do a better job. At the end of the day, you never really know what someone else is looking for.

Here are a few photos from my long weekend in Phillip Island spent with the family.


(That last photo wasn’t edited AT ALL, I don’t know how it came out like that)

Talk soon chicos x


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