Pop up Laneway Art | Melbourne

Hey there french fries!

I’m so hungry right now… About to go eat my chip omelette. Nom nom.

Yesterday I was in the city for an interview, and on my way back to the station, I walked through the lane way between Bourke St and Little Collins St (I just looked on Google Maps and I believe it’s called Union Lane). I’ve done a post on this lane before because it’s full of street art and constantly changing.

However, when I walked through yesterday, I saw something quite different. It was like a little exhibition. The artist was there I believe, Kyle Weyburne, (you can see him below on the ladder) still working on a mural. Weyburne is a Melbourne based Kiwi artist who seems to really like insects and wires…

There were a lot of different media used in his art works. There was so much to look at! The mural he was working on wasn’t your typical mural. In case you can’t really tell from the photo below, he made the hair out of power cables. And the other pieces leaning in the wall were also lit up!

Although all the colour was very overwhelming because of the background, I feel like the different textures of his pieces and the over all location made everything really stand out. I’ve never seen that laneway so busy before.


You probably can’t see this very clearly from the photos either, but he also painted prices next to everything. If you’re keen, check out his insta page (@kylewetburne). He’s got more photos up and his contact details.


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