60’s Vibin’

Hey there my fellow french fries!

Woohoo! Knocked down 4 assessments in the last 4 days, next week we have our “mid semester break” for Melbourne Uni (even though we’re already 3/4 in..?) and I got my free 10th coffee from Professor Walk Cafe today.

I come to you today with a book recommendation. I admit, I have been reading this for a while now, but only because I haven’t been prioritising any time for reading lately.

The book is called The Clothes On Their Backs and it’s by one of my favourite authors, Linda Grant. The narrator of the story is a young women living in England who comes from a family of Jewish-Hungarian immigrants. This story explores the idea of identity and belonging and the perils of hypocrisy. The Clothes On Their Backs will transport you between the 70’s to 80’s in London back to the 30’s/40’s in Hungary and everything that happened in between.

The themes in this story are anything but lightweight and will definitely leave you thinking after you have finished reading. Having said that, like most of Grant’s novels, this is constructed in a way where every piece of information she gives you, leaves you wanting to find out more. It’s almost like a puzzle that gradually comes together with every turn of a page.

Below are just some photos from my hot chocolate and chips date with my good pal, Amy.

The top I’m wearing is from Motel Rocks. I love the print and the turtle neck, however the material has no stretch at all. Although I’d normally go for a size S in tops, this one is quite tight around the chest area. That’s probably why I don’t wear it too often unfortunately.



Will talk to you again soon <3

Bye bye x


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