Inspo Collection 2

Hey everyone <3

It seriously feels like this week is taking forever. Maybe I’m just super eager to get all my assessments out of the way…

Right now I’m at Melb uni, sitting on one of those orange bean bags in the Arts West building. I really feel like having a coffee, but it means I have to get up and I’m too lazy for that right now #thestruggleisreal. So I figured I’d start this post now instead and buy myself some time.

I did one of these posts back in June. It’s not a monthly favourite list if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s more like a few things that I’ve been enjoying recently and make my days that little bit more lovely.


  1. Studying with my cat: Next time you have an assessment to do and you have a furry friend, bring them into your room. They’ll make you feel less bored and lonely and it’s actually proven that pets can help you be more calm, relaxed and happier in general.
  2. Twirl: I mean the Cadbury chocolate, not actually twirling. I love chocolate, a lot. My list of chocolates that I love could go on for a while. But, I think the one I’ve been eating the most recently and very often is Twirl.
  3. Professor Walk Cafe: At Melbourne Uni. This has become one of my new favourite coffee places I come to when I have classes here. It’s right near the building with all my classes and the staff is super nice.
  4. Grey Lips: In particular, grey liquid lipstick ’cause it’s perfect for someone like me who’s too lazy to keep reapplying their lipstick. At the moment I really like Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Gravity and Iced Mocha and the new NYX Lip Lingerie in Establishment (which is more purple/mauve).
  5. Hot Chocolate: The dark hot chocolate with soy milk from San Churro is soo good!
  6. Heart Sunglasses: Not just for dress ups.
  7. Supermodified at the Flinders Lane Gallery: In particular, Zac Koukoravas’ piece with the blue light box (Adjusted Sequence).

Anyways, I’m off to get that coffee now and do some actual work.

‘Til next time xx


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