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Hey french fries <3

Damn, I’m really craving fries right now….Even though I’ve had twice the normal dose of potatoes today.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a day off from RMIT. It was a much needed break. Sadly my RMIT and Melbourne breaks don’t happen at the same time, but I’ll take what I can get.

The weather was soooo nice as well. I finally made myself a frappe again and it made me think of summer. You can tell how happy I was about the weather by the glasses I was wearing. (And if you’re wondering where I got these sunglasses from, I literally just search ‘heart sunglasses’ on eBay).




Unfortunately weather wasn’t as great today, BUT I got my Spanish oral out of the way, which didn’t go as badly as I imagined, PLUS we’re studying a movie I’ve already seen and like in my Spanish film class.

In case you haven’t seen or heard of it, I would highly recommend ‘The Skin I live In’. I love a lot of Aldmódovar’s films, but this is definitely one of my favourites. It’s a thriller and I reckon you could also classify it as art house in a way. This film features Antonio Banderas (which I’m sure you’ve heard of) and it’s also in Spanish (but very easy to find it with subtitles).

Like most of Aldmódovar’s films, it explores sex and gender. The story line of this film is based around a surgeon who forcefully transformed a man into a woman. There are many rape scenes, but they’re sort of presented in a way that would make the audience feel desensitised. In general, this film shows everything in a very cold and discomforting way. I guess it’s also a commentary on what it must be like for someone to be in a body/to be born into a body, and be a particular sex/gender that they don’t feel comfortable with.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with that for today.

Adios chicos xx


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