All Comfy

Hey french fries 🙂

First post for August aaaand also the last month of winter here! WOOP WOOP!

It’s such a gloomy day today in Melbourne and I’m feeling just like the weather at the moment, plus a little frustrated because the timetable for my course at RMIT has been changed and since I’m also at Melbourne uni, I can’t really be flexible with anything.

Overall though, I have to say I’m finding my course at RMIT much more fulfilling so far than at Melbourne. Not only are the classes more interactive at RMIT, but the assessments are also a lot more practical and I find the tutors more willing to help. I mean, I’ve probably emailed the staff at RMIT about a billion times by now and they always get back to me straight away. At Melbourne, depending on the class, you’re a lot more alone in terms of figuring out what you have to do.

On a completely different topic, I have been obsessed with Pedro Almodóvar’s films lately. He’s one of Spain’s most well known directors and so far I haven’t seen a film of his I didn’t like. His films are generally centred around strong female characters and transsexuals. So if you’re into thought-provoking, Spanish/European films, I highly recommend.

Today’s outfit isn’t anything that interesting. It’s literally what I throw on when I’m too lazy to think and I want to be super comfy.



Jacket: Dotti
Pants: Cotton On
Shoes: Converse


Bye bye bye xx



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