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After reading a Forbes article on the predicted social media trends for 2016, I noticed they mentioned a ‘new’ app (which many of you probably already know about) called Periscope and I was instantly intrigued.

So, of course I went straight to the app store to download it and thought I’d do a little more research out of curiosity.

A little bit about the app:
– It fits into the Social Media category (available on the App Store and Play Store)
– It’s free to sign up, either through a Twitter account or mobile number
– Allows you to view peoples’ experiences around the world live
– Home page is a map of the world with red dots indicating how many videos are live in that moment
– You can interact with users during live video
– The app also gives you the option to follow specific users
(For some other info about Periscope:


Like all social media sites and apps, you can expect both positive and negative feedback in regards to the concept.

For starters, I don’t think their idea is all that creative, however, the way they sell it is definitely convincing. “Discovering the world through someone else’s eyes” is a very attractive idea. The fact that it’s all live as well make you feel so close to random people and brings strangers around the world so much closer and gives you some insight into how other people live. I can definitely say it’s addictive, especially given that there’s always a never ending supply of videos.

Periscope encourages on the spot footage. Although it can be exciting for viewers to see new things or for the person filming because they want to share their experience, I feel that it distracts people from enjoying their moments completely.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy posting onto social media and interacting with others online. But, when you take your attention away from that moment, to film it for others right then and there, you’re missing out on experiencing it yourself, in person. Also, when we follow videos, are we sort of putting our life aside to watch someone else’s? And could it potentially put us off from doing something because we feel like we’ve already seen it? Then again, maybe it’ll make us want to do something or go somewhere that we never really thought of before.

Maybe I’m exaggerating the situation. Ultimately, all social media sites distract us from what’s going on offline since it has become such a huge part of our every day lives.

Those were just my initial thoughts on the app. Although some of them are negative, I’d still recommend checking it out.


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